Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Accessorising in the Workplace

True style takes many years to cultivate, and I believe that in her early years of adulthood that it makes best style sense for a lady to invest in timeless pieces instead of frittering away her money on trendy items which will be worn once or twice.

I always think that a lady should be discrete and classic in the workplace if she wants to be taken seriously, that is unless you are fortunate enough to work in the fashion world.

Classic, good quality staples will see you well for many years to come.

My Workhorse

I have two of my essentials at work with me today. My black Mulberry Bayswater is my workhorse and is bulging at the seams today (note that I cannot even fasten the turnlock today!). I can fit my cosmetics, lunch, a pair of flat shoes and papers in this. I would recommend this timeless piece to any working lady and it would make a great graduation gift for anyone entering the corporate world.

Discrete Wrist Candy
This is my lovely timeless tank watch which I think is pretty discrete, yet receives many compliments and will be able to move with me as my style develops.


  1. Both of these are amazing! I have been saving for a Mulberry bag for a while. Do you know if these go on sale? What do you think of the Mulberry Alexa?

    1. Anon, I love Mulberry and I have an Alexa too. I would say it really depends on your needs. The Alexa is not as sturdy as the Bayswater and the leather is far more delicate (and not as good a quality as my bayswaters (which are a few years old). If this is to be your only Mulberry bag (which I doubt, as once you start it is difficult to stop), I would advise to get the Bayswater in Oak as it goes with everything.

  2. I so agree, I have just started to buy fewer items that are more expensive but will last me years and years.

    1. Kacie Bear, I have just had a look at your new blog - I am so envious of your beautiful Burberry trench. It will hopefully be one of my next purchases but I am not sure whether to go with the beige colour you have, or maybe the darker honey or black (I am not sure if I am careful enough for the lightest colour).